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Born and raised in Oakland California Pierre AKA Mayback Stank has been in the heart of the streets and has seen the reality of poverty and unfair circumstances his whole life. 

Before being wrongfully convicted, he made an honest attempt at breaking into the music industry with hood classics like “Get that Dough” and “Bury Muth*fuckas” featuring D.Lo. He hasn’t let unfair circumstances stop him from setting his team up for success. With drive and determination, Pierre is sure to be a household name. Currently with there being no physical or corroborating evidence to hold him in prison, get ready because the King is sure to return.

the path

After being wrongfully convicted in 2011 Pierre took the time to focus on his case and in the biggest fight of his life, he was granted a new evidence hearing that produced new evidence that he didn’t commit the crime. His case is currently in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals waiting on relief. In 2020 he officially started Royal Mafia Empire with a dream to build a new Death Row and take his dream of running a company into reality.

convicted #141

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Sign this petition to help get the word out that we are demanding justice for Pierre Rushing. We are currently over 6k signatures!


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The prosecutors also had DNA evidence found at the scene of the crime that they never tested and fingerprints that did not match Pierre’s. Pierre is confident that if the DNA was tested, it would prove his innocence and that he would be exonerated. We are asking for help to raise 150K for Pierre’s legal fees and finally get the DNA tested.

Appeal Season 2

Maybach Stank

Ace Boogy


Talk Out (feat. Ally Cocaine)


Swerve Thru




Run It Up


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Appeal season

Maybach Stank

Run It Up

Maybach Stank

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Maybach Stank

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Run It Up ft mistah fab - official music video

Maybach Stank ft Mistah F.A.B. – 2021

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ace boogy

Maybach Stank – 2019

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Wrong Move

Maybach Stank ft Rocky Badd – 2020

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Shake 'for the gram

Maybach Stank – 2021

Music is a part of me, and it’s always been my way to escape troubled situations. Supporting my music is just another way to support me so keep listening to our song on all streaming media!

– Maybach Stank

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